Stepping Up for Seniors

Home Matters Caregiving is committed to supporting Stepping up for Seniors and the great work they are doing in the senior community. Below is an update on a senior who was helped recently by the Stepping up Seniors organization.

Delores is a low-income senior recovering from a lumbar fusion as a result of spinal stenosis.  She was in need of some durable medical equipment that was not covered by Medicare but did not have the resources to purchase the equipment.  Stepping up for Seniors partnered with a local medical equipment supplier and provided her with the equipment she needed to help improve her quality of life.

While talking with Delores the SUFS social worker discovered that Delores qualified for a Federal QI grant to assist with her Part B Medicare payment. This grant provides her with an additional $148.50 of income per month, which for Delores was a tremendous help.

Please visit us at Assistance for Seniors | Phoenix Arizona | Stepping Up for Seniors to learn more about what we’re doing for seniors living below the poverty line in the Portland metropolitan area.


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