August Client Spotlight

Jackie Shibahara was born in the Hood River valley in October of 1944. Her father worked for the electric company and her mother worked in a veterinarian’s office.  Jackie met Matt Shibahara in high school.  Matt had to leave school for a period of time, and when he came back to finish school he and Jackie renewed their friendship and have been together ever since.  In December of this year Jackie and Matt will be married for 60 years.  Jackie said the secret to a long marriage is to look for potential in your spouse and be kind.  Together the Shibaharas have 7 children, 23 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. Before the kids came along Jackie worked as a doctor’s assistant, and then after the kids were in school Jackie worked at her church for fourteen years.  Jackie and Matt both love to garden, and even though they are now in an assisted living they are still able to enjoy plants.  The community where they live has beautiful rose gardens, and a gardening area for the residents.  Jackie loves getting outside to enjoy the gardens. Jackie says her favorite thing about working with Home Matters is that our team is caring and competent, and also very nice.  Our team enjoys working with the Shibahara family and we are grateful they choose to be our clients.

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